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Web Offset Printing, continued...

SED’s High Quality Commercial Printing
In web offset printing the rubber blankets conform to the texture of the printing surfaces for sharp and clean results, which leave little room for error. To ensure the highest quality, SED’s experienced press operators check color and layout frequently from the initial run to the final print. At Smith-Edwards-Dunlap, quality is top priority. Products are checked throughout the press production to ensure remarkable results in all of our client’s runs, regardless of their complexity.

Smith-Edwards-Dunlap knows why clients use print media and our staff offers advice on how to use it more effectively. We know that brilliant color and overall balance can help capture people’s attention. For over a century, SED has helped buyers reach their customers successfully. Years of experience have allowed us to find color inconsistencies and incorrect layouts quickly to avoid production downtime as well as loss of product. Located in the metropolitan area of Philadelphia, SED has positioned themselves as a leading commercial printing company. Providing web offset printing allows us to serve even the most challenging industries in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware.

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