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Mailing Services, continued...

Presorting is performed upon completion of ACE processing and computerized addressing. Our software is capable of reading the ACE file and automatically re-orders the mail list per USPS® requirements. The list is then downloaded directly to our Videojet for inkjet addressing. After inkjet labeling, the pieces are delivered directly to the USPS®, in trays or bags, ready for their destination post office. With SED’s mail list management and presorting services, you are guaranteed that your commercial product will be arranged for maximum postage savings and the minimum time in the mailstream.

Postage metering is designed to derive weight and dimensions for calculating your postage costs and to print required USPS® reports. Convenient, secure handling, and professional envelope image, are some of the reasons why clients have utilized SED’s postage metering mailing services. Our postage meters print postage directly on the envelope (or adhesive tape) for any class of mail.

Smith-Edwards-Dunlap’s mailing services promote a professional image for your growing business, give you the ability to assign exact postage, save trips to the post office, and allow you to send mail in different classes and track the costs of specific mailing campaigns all of which can save your business up to 20 percent of mailing costs in the long run. The result: faster and more accurate delivery at an exceptional value.






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