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Mail List Management, continued...

Deduping Lists Upon Request. It is estimated that 10 percent of the names and addresses in the average mailing list are duplicates. Beyond wasted printing and postage costs, duplicate records water down your marketing message and can annoy recipients. As a result, your mail pieces are more likely to be tossed than opened. Upon request, SED will remove duplicate names from all lists submitted for processing where the name and address match.

CASS™ Certifying for USPS® Delivery. CASS™ (Coding Accuracy Support System) has been developed to correct address deficiencies, improving the accuracy of carrier route, five-digit zip, zip + 4, and delivery point codes that appear on mail pieces.

At Smith-Edwards-Dunlap, we ensure that your mail pieces have a valid CASS™-certification until the end of the current annual period (i.e., from August 1 of one year through July 31 of the next). In addition, we maintain CASS™-certification for each annual period, by reapplying for certification and meeting the minimum accuracy requirements during Stage II testing.

Forwarding for NCOALink™ as Needed. Made available under license from the USPS®, NCOALink™ (National Change of Address) enables SED programmers to process a mailing list and update that list using secure data store technology. With people and businesses moving all the time, it is critical that you rely on SED to identify the movers in your list and maintain an accurate record of their new address before mailing and distribution takes place.

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