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Direct-to-Plate Commerical Printing, continued...

The technological advances made by Smith-Edwards-Dunlap in the direct-to-plate portion of the digital prepress process benefits customers in every way possible. Efficiency. Economy. Environment. SED is dedicated to all three.

The Process of Direct-to-Plate Printing
The files that were approved in the digital proofing stage of the prepress process are sent electronically to the platesetter. The same file that was proofed by the SED staff and the customer is used to ensure integrity of the project.

The platesetter is loaded with the correct plate and the image is printed onto the plate. Smith-Edwards-Dunlap’s experts then inspect the plate for any scratches or other defects. At this point in the digital prepress process, the project has been checked at least six times to guarantee quality in the finished project.

Since the creation of Smith-Edwards-Dunlap over one hundred years ago, technological advancements have allowed our professional prepress technicians to maintain better control over quality and deadlines. SED is proud to use direct-to-plate printing which has dramatically enhanced SED’s “get it done right, get it done now” approach to offset printing. We are proud to merge the latest commercial printing technology with our 19th century values and serve clients from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware to across the United States. Efficiency. Economy. Environment. All in-house, right here in Philadelphia.





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