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Digital Proofing for Commerical Printing, continued...

HP. HP is a digital proof that is used for jobs where color is not highly critical. HP’s usually are used to meet a standard best-designated as “pleasing to the eyes.”

Fuji Final Proof. The Fuji Final Proof is a high-end, top-of-the-line digital proof. CMYK halftone dot is generated onto film and then laminated onto the actual paper on which the job will print. Fuji Final Proof is used for color-critical projects.

Digital Proofing:
Assurance Check in Commercial Printing

A file that goes through any of the three types of digital proofing will be verified against supplied lasers. A prototype is trimmed and dummied for the client’s review. Digital proofing lets clients check the prototype with hands on rather than on a computer screen. The same technology that produces the prototype is also used to produce the plate, the next step in the digital prepress process. The use of the identical technology allows the project to run smoothly and efficiently and guarantees its integrity throughout the process. From the digital proofing step, the project moves to the direct-to-plate step of the digital prepress process.

Smith-Edwards-Dunlap is all about efficiency. Efficiency in our process helps SED reach our goal of excellence in every finished product. SED employees are meticulous about checking color calibration daily. Digital proofing for clarity and brilliance. Day after day. Year after year. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and the entire United States.

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