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Digital Proofing for Commercial Printing

By using the latest software and equipment to produce accurate digital proofs, Smith-Edwards-Dunlap of Philadelphia strives to create a defect-free commercial printing product. SED fuses modern technology with the values that have kept our commercial printing company in business since 1880. The result is a product that exceeds customer expectations.

How Can Digital Proofing Benefit You?
Digital proofing is a highly critical component in the commercial printing process. A prototype of the job is produced for the customer’s review and approval. Smith-Edwards-Dunlap uses three different types of digital proofing: Sherpa®, HP®, and Fuji Final Proof®. SED’s expert digital proofing staff evaluates the job and then produces the appropriate proof, based on the nature and content of the piece.

Smith-Edwards-Dunlap houses state-of-the-art equipment that can accurately portray color, shadow, and tone. Many customers send files from uncalibrated screens and are therefore unable to see color inconsistencies. SED utilizes the latest technology to make sure that the colors of their finished commercial printing products come through as they were intended, if not better.

Types of Digital Proofing in Commercial Printing:
Sherpa. Comparable to a Digital Blueline, a Sherpa is usually used for commercial printing products that do not have photographs. Sherpa is used for the confirmation of page content, colorbreak, and pagination.

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