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Digital Color Correction & Photo Manipulation
in Commercial Printing, continued...

Smith-Edwards-Dunlap finishes the digital color correction process by adjusting tonal range for the type of paper used in printing. Paper that is uncoated, for example, presents color differently than paper that is coated. Brilliance in process leads to brilliance in color.

Digital Photo Manipulation
Smith-Edwards-Dunlap always keeps the latest version of Photoshop® on its digital prepress computers. Photoshop is the leader of professional image-editing software; naturally Smith-Edwards-Dunlap chooses Photoshop to help meet customer needs.

The expert SED staff can retouch or manipulate any photograph. Whether a customer wants to restore a historical photograph or create a dynamic new photograph, SED houses the right tools for our staff to use for special effects such as phasing back, pixelation, blurring, or texturizing. Additionally, digital photo manipulation can lighten or darken areas and add or delete people, items, or backgrounds.

Smith-Edwards-Dunlap is proud to include digital color correction and digital photo manipulation in our digital prepress process. Brilliance of color, brilliance in clarity, brilliance in precision, brilliance in procedure. Whether you are in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, or on the other side of the country, SED provides the tools and experience that create a picture-perfect product every time.

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