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Typesetting Desktop Publishing Services
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SED’s Experience in Typesetting Services
Before desktop publishing, typesetting of printed materials was accomplished first by hand, and later with machines, which sped up the process considerably. Years of innovative advancements led to electronics and computers, which allowed those in the industry to digitize images. This opened up a world of possibilities for interface technology. Though typesetting has changed in the years since it was first introduced, the basic principle remains the same: glyphs are composed into lines to form the elements of a page, which is then transferred to another medium.

As one of the oldest and most trusted commercial printing companies, Smith-Edwards-Dunlap has seen typesetting evolve and substantially improve the printing process. Now, we offer extensive desktop publishing and digital prepress services, including OCR and image scanning with electronic dot generation, electronic imposition, electronic page layout, and digital proofing. Our experienced typographers, with an average of 25+ years in the business, work in all of the most popular programs.

By relying on talent and experience, Smith-Edwards-Dunlap typographers use advanced technology to produce printed materials of the highest quality. See what our typesetting and other desktop publishing services can do for you; call now.




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