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Creating Balance
Visual balance is key. As such, we arrange elements on a page so that there is a balance between content and white space. The right amount of white space can be a great way to break up ideas and encourage people to read the page in its entirety, whereas too much white space causes the page to appear too empty and too little white space causes the page to appear too busy. Though symmetric pages appear balanced, the page does not always
have to be laid out in this manner to achieve overall balance. Let our experienced designers make the most effective layout choice
for you.

Maintaining Consistency
Another important aspect of print design is providing consistent visual signposts or visual cues that let readers know where they are and where they are going. These tools break up text and images into readable, easy-to-follow blocks or panels of information. SED’s graphic artists incorporate visual signposts within the structure of a page layout to create a sense of visual consistency when viewing a document. They may use similarly styled headers, titles, columns widths, etc., or they may position graphics at a similar location on different pages. Our graphic artists use these and other techniques to provide structured page layouts that maintain a clean, consistent look.

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