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Graphic Design Desktop Publishing Services
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Graphic Design. Whether it is a simple tri-fold brochure, a multipage newsletter or magazine, or even a full-size catalog, we will organize your copy and artwork to help you achieve your goals. Our graphic designers prepare sketches or layoutsby hand or with the aid of a computerto illustrate the vision for the design.

They select colors, artwork, photography, font, and other visual elements that will work best to reach your audience. Furthermore, our graphic designers select the size and arrangement of the different elements on the page or screen. Once the project is finished, SED’s designers present the complete graphic design to you for approval.

Digital Photo Manipulation. Artwork and photos can be color corrected, enhanced, retouched, and have effects applied by our Photoshop-proficient artists. If necessary, they can turn old photos into new or new into old. They can edit red eye, enlarge, crop or blend images, change scenes or backgrounds, and more. As digital photo manipulation evolves, the possibilities are limited only to your imagination. In addition to offering photo manipulation work within our desktop publishing department, we also offer this service in Digital Prepress.




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