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OCR and Image Scanning Desktop Publishing
Services at Smith-Edwards-Dunlap

Stop wasting time retyping or reconfiguring documents or struggling to find images that closely resemble the one you would like to use but don’t have saved in electronic form. Instead, employ the professionals at Regency Infographics, Smith-Edwards-Dunlap’s desktop publishing division, and we’ll scan your document or image quickly, easily, and efficiently. Contact SED to discover how we can take your old out-of-print materials and give them new life, so you can distribute them anew.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Scanning
With our OCR scanning services, your documents can be scanned and converted into editable text files. Manuals, sell sheets, newsletters, and more are placed on the computer to edit and change as necessary. Using optical sensing and computer software, OCR scanning records the patterns of light and dark areas reflected from printed text. SED’s sophisticated software programs analyze the patterns and identify the characters they represent with tolerance for less-than-perfect and uniform text.

OCR reading devices are typically classified as text input devices that scan the entire document or as data capture devices that capture repetitive data or perform formatting functions. Our scanners can be set for capturing keystrokes from your manuscript that is not available electronically. To ensure the highest recognition and accuracy rate possible, we test your documents on various combinations of scanning equipment and recognition software as part of our precise scanning service.

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