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Financial Printing, continued...

Smith-Edwards-Dunlap helps companies abide by even the most rigid SEC requirements. By adhering to a precise and efficient financial printing process, SED commercial printing company is able to help issuers of financial reports meet tight reporting deadlines. Also, our skilled designers can organize these reports into relevant categories to make navigation and completion easier. Whether simple or complex, SED prints, binds, and files all forms of financial printing with the quality and speed your job requires.

SED’s Technology-driven Commercial Printing
Smith-Edwards-Dunlap maintains an extensive desktop publishing and typesetting staff as well as an expert digital prepress and proofing team that strives for zero defects and the highest quality products at the fastest possible turnaround. With SED’s state-of-the-art digital computer programs, changes can be made instantly in complicated financial documents. The typesetting system used by SED’s commercial printers consists of extremely sophisticated computer software with features that simplify the making of complex financial tables often seen in proxy statements, prospectuses, annual reports, and regulatory filings.

What is the benefit of all this digital technology? …

Reduced time for the creation and modification of financial documents, which allows companies to file on-time in shorter production cycles.

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