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Wafer Sealing, continued...

Benefits of SED’s wafer sealing:

Saves time and money in postage processing

We offer a variety of wafer seals

Seals are ideal for closing multi-page mailers

Clear varieties will not obscure text or
images underneath

Wafer seals often take the form of small stickers that are either round or butterfly in shape.  Such seals are placed at the face trim of booklets or other folded pieces and are suitable for a range of paper substrates. Smith-Edwards-Dunlap features a variety of wafer seals including butterfly seals, white seals, and clear seals.

We typically use butterfly seals to securely hold thick newsletters, directories, annual reports, and other multi-page mailers together. Available in both white and clear, butterfly seals have a wider outside surface shaped like an hourglass, a superior adhesion quality, and a center perforation to avoid springing open in the mail and easy opening capabilities. The most commonly used wafer seals are white seals that are round in shape. To eliminate the frustration of opening a multi-page mailer, white seals hold firmly and open easily especially when compared to mail pieces that have been stapled together. When you need a wafer seal but do not want to obscure any text or images, SED uses clear seals, that are also round in shape. Totally transparent, these wafer seals won’t compete with other elements on your folded document and are perforated for easy opening.




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