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In an age of tighter deadlines, shorter runs, increased quality demands, and more complex projects, efficient post-press operations are vital to the success of commercial printing companies and the clients we serve. To help meet these needs of today’s businesses, Smith-Edwards-Dunlap (SED), Philadelphia’s leading commercial printing company, invests in state-of-the-art post-press folding equipment. With over 100 years of experience in the commercial printing industry, SED knows what it takes to succeed in an ever-evolving marketplace. We integrate 19th century values of trust, dedication, and loyalty with 21st century technology to quickly deliver materials of the highest quality.

SED’s folding equipment can quickly and accurately produce any job from a simple letter, through double gatefolds and multi-page signatures. We fold brochures, booklets, and more for clients who are based regionally in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Delaware. For many of our clients, competition within their market is fierce; SED’s broad range of capabilities combined with efficient execution get your message out before theirs.

Quality Folding at Smith-Edwards-Dunlap
Our folding equipment provides consistent high quality work that meets and exceeds client expectations. We use folding machines to create folded brochures and a variety of other complex pages. SED’s folding machines can make numerous kinds of folds, including standard business letter folds, accordion folds, gate-folds, single folds, right angle folds, and barrel folds just to name a few. Folding is quick and easy with SED’s 12 folding machines, 1 Macey Signa-Stitch in line Folder-Stitcher-Trimmer, and 1 automatic Pocket Folder/Gluer. An assortment of folds can be accomplished in a single pass for short run production.






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